Prime ministers questions – 03/12/14

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  1. Cameron destroyed? Not exactly. Mr Cameron is if anything an extremely competent orator who acquits himself well in parliamentary debates. Milliband is no fool; he knows it. If anything I see a draw

  2. How did Miliband destroy Cameron? Cameron answered the questions by providing facts. I'm surprised Miliband even showed up to work the next day after getting owned with the bacon sandwich joke.

  3. he hasnt created proper jobs, they're all 0 hour contracts so you basically dont have a job. erm i do think cameron nailed him, but those things that he's done arent helping anyone. the nhs is a mess

  4. I honestly thought I was watching a load of boys shouting in the dinner hall. 

    I was waiting for the food fight to break out. 

    It's honestly like watching kids running the country. Hilarious.

  5. Miliband was an amateur in comparison to Cameron whose debate jousts are extremely well played. I'm not a Cameron fan but frankly Miliband was a totally incompetent party leader who has had to resign for his comprehensive lack of leadership.

  6. *Ed Miliband destroyed by prime minister. 

    Fixed that typo. Ed used that catchphrase again and again for emphasis but it only became less effective, and then Cameron destroyed him with a bacon sandwich and something something about 1.8 million jobs etc. Yours not even a tory supporter.

  7. Two children playing 'Did he mean it",  while adult rich enjoy word games in the confort of wealth, innocent die all over the explored world,  by them :  HOW BEAUTIFUL!