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White House Author Ronald Kessler: Final Mueller report will exonerate President Trump

White House Author Ronald Kessler: Final Mueller report will exonerate President Trump

One America’s John Hines sits down with author Ronald Kessler to discuss the Mueller investigation’s final report.

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  1. Well, this man is deaf and blind… How come he can say Trump is not Putin’s puppet. Trump is any Dictator’s puppet, all they do is whisper something nice about him and Trump will do anything for them, it doesn’t matter if it hurts the USA!

  2. I want to see Robert Mueller arrested for treason for his part in Uranium 1.Then, at that point, I won't stop until he & all his cohorts are on the business end of a rope. He was one of the people who signed off on Uranium 1, & I fail to see why Trump hasn't seen to it that he's charged accordingly.

    I've already Id'd the shooter in the Seth Rich murder, and that goes
    to Uranium 1, because the probable shooter is a Dept of Energy agent.. I believe Mueller is involved in Seth's murder as well because of his connection to this treasonous scandal.

  3. "Three hours of switching back and forth between Fox News and CNN "News" this morning: Fox: North Korea summit. CNN: Michael Cohen; Fox: Michael Cohen. CNN: Michael Cohen. Fox: Venezuela disaster. CNN: Michael Cohen. Fox: Another law enforcement murder. CNN: Michael Cohen. Fox: North Korea. CNN: Michael Cohen. Fox: Michael Cohen. CNN: Michael Cohen. Fox: Train disaster. CNN: Michael Cohen; Mueller has been using a scorched earth policy in his investigation. He won't get the result he wants, but he does as much damage to as many lives as possible. It’s taking him so long to publish this report because he’s trying to find a way to say that there was collusion but he just can’t find it."

  4. And then the libtards will try switching gears and try find something else on the president. Anytging they can. Whether it's phoney harassment allegations or hearsay.

  5. Missed his annual report last year, and MIA again so far this year. How many taxpayer dollars/page? Millions spent were clearly misappropriated use of taxpayer money… Get it all back, please! Blood is acceptable currency if he ain't got the other kind; payment is overdue!

  6. It's been obvious from the very start this corrupted DOJ engaged in sedition against the President and sovereign citizenry of the United States of America; for high crimes punishable by death! WE ALL SEE THAT CLEAR ENOUGH!

  7. What a waste of taxpayers' money… Mueller is no different than a multi level scammer…our country was ripped off…we should sue his sorry ass!! He probably bleached more evidence against himself and the Clintons

  8. The dems will never accept any answer except guilty. This is only the first of many more, tax payer funded witch hunts. Pelosi has said as much. 🐍 🦇💩

  9. Mueller thought bubble: "Let's see, extend the duration of the 'investigation,' and keep my job amd power, or complete the probe, lose my 'job,' and give up my power? Hmmm. 🤔