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White House holds first press briefing in a month, outlines budget proposal

White House holds first press briefing in a month, outlines budget proposal

The White House is anticipating push back from Democrat lawmakers as details continue to emerge about President Trump’s newly unveiled 2020 budget. One America’s Emerald Robinson has more from the White House.

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  1. Yes, condemn Ilhan Omar's discriminatory statements. Yes, disavow the discrimination against the country of Israel and the Jewish people. Yes, remove her from a committee where her bias will twist her judgement. But… No, do not impeach her (at least not for this), because last time I looked, the First Amendment is still part of the constitution, and she has a right to speak, whether you like what she says or not. If you try to silence her or punish her for it, then you are no better than the DemonRats. Don't worry, she will drown under the weight of her own words, if she doesn't let go of the hatred she harbors behind that innocent looking face.

  2. you all witnessed the creation of fake news: trump – the democrats have become the anti-jewish party. fake news reporter questioning sanders-does the president think democrats hate jews?

  3. I don't have any use for Omar because I believe this was a set up to target White Americans and Remove our 1st ADM Rights to Express our Concerns about Zionist and Islamic Authoritarian groups and Latin Foreign Invaders but Omar told the Truth about the Corruption inside the Israeli Zionist Government and its influence over American politics and American institutions and American POLITICIANS Peroid! Don't believe that just ask the survivors of the American NAVAL vessel the USS Liberty and those who died on 9/11 From Israeli and American Evil Betrayals!!

  4. My phone says "no views"!! Also l noticed that my phone won't show me notifications even when the bell is on!! Meanwhile FOX news and FOX BUSINESS show large images of AOC and Omar constantly!!! WHY WHY WHY???