Mystery still surrounds the murder of actress Elizabeth Short who was found dead in a vacant Los Angeles lot back in 1947. Her body was mutilated, with a smile carved into her face. One America’s Carl Hensley digs deeper into the cold case that is still leaving people guessing as to who killed the Black Dahlia.

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  1. Where is the absoulute proof ?

    Which evidence proves that George Hodel murdered her ?

    Steve Hodel tells this.

    Why ?

    Because he wants to be famous and he wants to win the money.

    I think only GOD knows the real killers of these mystery murders.

  2. Ok, its terrible that she was murdered but is this really what they considered "beautiful" in the 40's??? I mean, shes ok looking but shes hardly beautiful enough to be a celebrity, at least not by todays standards. Am I wrong???

  3. George Hodel was a panerio disease doctor and Elizabeth Short was going to Spill the Beans on many high-profile people and actresses in Hollywood that had venereal disease and George Hodel and his cohort snuffed her after cutting her and feeding her feces

  4. Underworld pimps. She must have pissed off some bigwig considering the elaborate display and cruelty. Definitely someone with a medical background cut her up. Someone who knew the area and wasn't afraid to drive with a corpse.

  5. I think it may be a man named Al Morrison who killed her.

    I say this because a tape of a man describing the murder was brought to a L.A. detective. And the detective had the feeling that the man speaking on the tape and the man being spoken about on the tape were one and the same.

    Unfortunately, the detective never a got a chance to speak to this man, as he passed away.

  6. Elizabeth Short died because of the father of Steve Holdel who is George Holdel in Hollywood but George Holdel had a frenetic life and a kind of psychosis and decided to kill Elizabeth Short