Why Everyone’s Talking About Foldable Phones

The trend on smartphones is to have bigger and bigger displays. Phone makers need to develop the technology, make screens better and less breakable and they also need to figure out what kind of design the foldable smartphone should have.

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Why Everyone’s Talking About Foldable Phones

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Manufacturers are currently happy with steadily increasing the prices with little to no improvements, this is just a sideshow to distract you from that fact. They are not going to invest their profits/own money into something that they think you “might buy”, there’s no profit in that business plan

  2. Apple ain't doing shit. The only way they'll make a folding screen iPhone is is Samsung supplies the screens for them. Amazing that a company can have so much cash to do R&D and yet fails to bring groundbreaking features compared to its competitors.

  3. Plastic screens are underrated since they don’t shatter but they can be scratched easily I’m sure will the advent of new materials all phone screens will be plastic

  4. Samsung's foldable phone is kept from the public, while the Mate X has been in reviewers hands. And it looks futuristic and cool. Samsung is going to do the same design. They're afraid of huawei.