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Why the Women's March doesn't speak for me

Why the Women's March doesn't speak for me

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. I love women..I had a GOD loving Mother. Most men feel this way. It seem a lot of women have forgotten this very fact. But I believe many women have been brain washed about that men are EVIL. Hint if you're mother didn't tell you this for a good man watch how he treats his own Mother. The other thing a man that can hardly speek around U is he wants to listen to you before he put's his foot in his mouth. So you might want to HANG around. He is the one that would fight a Chainsaw for you. ISLAM is to make U subservient to men. These Islamic so called women are a soft sell into the cult called ISLAM/ CHARLES MANSON OF THE DAY. LOVE YOU ALL MERRY CHRIST MASS.

  2. Liberal feminist are not true women. They are immoral, irrational, irresponsible, unethical, EVIL, low class, lesbian man hater scum. Women have all the freedoms as all men. If anything they have unspoken freedoms men don't have! True WOMEN do not associate with the feminists. TRUE WOMEN are loyal, compassionate, responsible, talented, ethical, reasonable and smart! Liberalism is a disgusting mental disease that must be eradicated!

  3. The only thing I agree with those nuts about is that JEWS (Zionists) are responsible for 911, and they are EVIL. They are the ones heading the "New World Order". Our biggest enemy are Zionists, Muslims, China. Inform yourselves people.

  4. The "Women's March", boils down to one thing. Being able to spread your legs whenever you want, without having to deal with the normal biological consequences of such actions, and demanding that the taxpayers provide the means to end them.

  5. Zionists are the perpetrators of the New World Order Agenda. They work for Lucifer. Their religious leaders practice Kabbalah and call Christians the goyim. The Jews Mr. Farrakhan is talking about are infamous throughout world history not for being termites but for being parasites. Parasitical money lenders that bleed both nations and individuals to financial death with unjust wars and usurious notes of indebtedness.

  6. I believe the problem with the "discussion" (outrage) towards people who speak out against "Jews" are not being treated fairly… if the OAN presenters indeed intend to follow Christ's quote, "I am here to testify to the truth" then (and only then) OAN must dig deeper into their hearts to have the courage to make the distinctive difference between those Jews who are "Bolsheviks" and those Jews who are not. The people OAN condemns are those who speak out against Bolshevism… Think…

  7. Optimist: The glass is half full; Pessimist: The glass is half empty; Feminist: The glass is being raped!. Lesson: Never ever try to have a logical conversation with a feminazi.

  8. Please do use a favor, please open an account on Gab as well, if you haven't done so already. Twitter is very anti-Conservative and I refuse to use their platform. I'll gladly drop some words to you on Gab.

  9. Like I said deep state use women to destroy our society and women and children will suffer the most. Women will ask men to help rebuild but men, this time won’t. MGTOW happened because of how women treat men in our society. Jewelry, toy stores, marriage, divorce courts, bridal sores are all failing. Good riddance! MGTOW 4 life!

  10. Linda Sarsour is the most horrible sick witch. Can you only think about the stench-smell that disgusting Linda Sarsour will exude when she passes away.

    Linda Sarsour could repent.

    I’ve experienced a ton of sh*t in my 51 years of life, however never such evil as satanists and Islamists. Just sayin’