Why you should cover your laptop camera

Mark Zuckerberg recently posted a photo on his Facebook page celebrating the success of Instagram. His followers quickly noticed something strange about his laptop in the image: there was tape over both the camera and the microphone to protect against hackers. Is Zuck overly paranoid, or is this actually a good tip for everyone to take into consideration?

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  1. today 3.2.19
    i had a funny feeling i was on my computer/monitor.. i have a web cam build inside.
    but i have a paper with tape cover my web cam monitor..
    when i take out the paper covering my monitor i saw a white light
    that is turn on next to my web cam?
    i don't know how long this was turn on?
    could be 3-5 years?
    can that person see me?i got paper cover my web cam with a tape?
    but the light was on?

    i don't know anyone want to hack me or even see what i'm doing?
    i have a boring life?
    why not hack someone else computer instead of me?

  2. God damn it the whole world can watch eachother through these complicated advanced devices that we built… I mean the only way you can be 100% safe is learning hacking and shit from the bottom. I don't want to spend my time being worried about this shit.

  3. I recently ordered some toner cartridges for my printer. They came in a box that was not matching the toner manufacturer. No big deal, except I started getting ads for products identifying with the marks on the box. My camera is now covered.

  4. When i dont have my tape on my laptop, i just usually dance in a Weird skirt or a barbie girl dress and id do fortnite dances putting on a lot of different loud and fortnite default song and another screaming voice mixed together and id say "I LOVE SPAGHETII!!!!" LALALLAAAA SOMEONE IS WATCHING ME, OH THE POLICE IS HERE U BETTER RUN! LA LA LA LA LAAAA"

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  6. He said "it happens quite a lot". i served in the 82nd Airborne Division and one of my fellow Paratroopers was a Computer Technician in the 82nd and proved to me how easy it is to watch someone through their iPhone's cameras. i've been covering up my lenses for years, and so should you!!