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Work-for-Welfare programs actually HELP those in need

Work-for-Welfare programs actually HELP those in need

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. So they work 20 hours per week and get $100 of food for the entire month. That is like being paid 25 bucks of food non-cash per week for 20 hours of work per week That is like being paid $1.25 per hour of work and spending half of every workday doing this. That would keep any person down it seems like to me. It almost becomes a reverse ripoff. Nobody can work half a full week and have it cover only$25 dollars worth of food. Now, I am assuming single adults would get $100 of food stamps per month like they do in Texas.

  2. Just think when UBI goes into place. No body will work. Except the Chinese. Yeah learn Chinese. There aren’t people at work, we aren’t building stuff to defend our country. We have feminized males, won’t have many fighters. Well have no choice but to roll over like a dog.

  3. I was in charge of the welfare to work program at DSS for 5 years…let me tell you, I WAS THE ONLY ONE WORKING! I held workshops, no one would show up unless threatened to cut their benefits…I would find jobs and take them on interviews, after getting them outfits, training,helping fill out job applications, etc etc etc…THEY DIDN'T WANT TO WORK! I found me another job helping special needs individuals who actually wanted to work but couldn't! So don't tell me these programs work….THEY DON'T WANT TO WORK!

  4. I like the idea but, working 20 hour's a week comes out to 3-4 time's the amount given for the food stamps. People that are effected by this only get around $200 a month of food stamps.
    Glad it's working though!! 👍😁🇺🇸

  5. How about we help those who aren't in need. Sound strange? It's called reinforcing positive behavior. When you reinforce negative behavior you get more negative behavior. Go figure. It's the exact reason people flood over our border in waves.

  6. Everything should have to be earned in one way or another! Nothing is truly free, someone has to pay for it so why not the person receiving the assistance.

  7. My 55 year old brother is on government healthcare since he is unemployed. He is able bodied and could work no problem. I just have enabling parents that allow him to free load. Makes me so angry. I wish the government would make him work to receive it. Or even do volunteer work like you suggested. This seems like a no brainer.

  8. It takes 2 to 5 years to be approved for SSDI, even if all medical evidence and law supports SSDI, because SSA is broke. That's 2 to 5 years without an income! During this application period, people are legally considered 'able bodied'. By eliminating food stamps and Medicaid, you'd effectively be exterminating these people! I'm Republican, but most people don't realize this. SSA is the only administration that automatically denies claims whether one qualifies or not, and multiple times as a regular protocol for all applicants. This includes a lot of vets who can't work. I say, cut off all medicaid and food stamps to non citizens! The applications for both benefits clearly state that applicants don't need to be US citizens or even live in America?! California being the biggesr offender! It sounds like a good idea on the surface, but there's a whole group of people who are legitimately stuck in that, unable to work, who have been waiting for years for help, who are citizens. Cutting off their help would eliminate them and not in a good way. God bless America!

  9. I get food stamps and i am disabled so California says I make to much money, which I have no taxable income so they always lower my food stamp amount which only helps for half the month, one day I would love to get off it but it's been rough.