World Is Running Out Of Sand — Why There's Now A Black Market For It

If you’re planning a beach vacation, you’d better get to it soon. An alarming statistic for you: 67% of Southern California beaches? GONE by 2100. All because of sand. Even if you don’t think about the grainy stuff, you use it daily. You’re reading this off something made with sand, looking at it through a screen made with sand, surrounded by buildings made with concrete. I could let you guess what’s in concrete, but I suspect you’re already catching onto a theme here.

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  1. Just a suggestion (and an uneducated one); what if we learn to use desert sand like the way we use ocean floor sand? That's not solving any problem, but gives us more time.

  2. How can we continue at this rate? we're burning the world out of resources and people are making jokes about it. Oh well. I'll get the last laugh when y'all are the first ones starved to death.

  3. What about taking sand to normal beaches
    They will mix
    And the black market won’t be able to use it if they take it cuz there round sand molecules will mess with the jagged beach sand

  4. I'm confused, all of the thanos jokes. I haven't watched the movie with him in but all I know is he snaps and deletes people. Why are people saying thanos needs to snap etc