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Yao Ming: Being China’s First Superstar Olympian | Coming of Age

Ever so famous as an NBA superstar, but playing in the Olympic Games and being China’s flagbearer were in fact Yao Ming’s childhood dreams.

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  1. 在姚主席巨大的体型下却有如此灵动轻盈的技巧,这种反差感简直很不可思议却又赏心悦目,在那时候的中国完全是人口的优势铸就了一个姚主席,但也因为有姚明,中国篮球的发展产生了质变,未来可期。

  2. Yeah theres no doubt that Yao is still the living legend and greatest asian basketball player of all time! we're very proud of our asian brothers! Salute from the Philippines!!!

  3. Translation 3:33 : Yao looked at an Olympic photograph and thought that he could easily spot himself, only to realize that he couldn't. This taught him that no matter how 'special' he was, compared to the vastness of the world, he was nothing. It was a lesson of humility.

  4. Very humble man. Despite his achievements he stays humble. Man, working in the tourism industry i wish all if not half of Chinese tourists would have his attitude or at least learn from him.

  5. 建议篮协除了奥运和世锦赛,别再让像姚明和大郅这一类的巨星回来打国家队比赛,应该让他们多休息。低一级别的国际赛事应该多锻炼年轻球员。姚明和大郅都是被中国篮协毁了。

  6. 姚明參加太多國際賽事了,中國的籃球根本沒有弱到需要讓他參加亞運和亞錦賽,他本來應該擁有更長的NBA生涯,太可惜了。