Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates testifies before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee about President Trump’s executive order on banning immigration from several majority-Muslim countries. Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper also speaks.

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  1. The white hating tyrants justified anti-discrimination by tearing down basic freedoms of speech and association. When it came to apply their tyranny to immigration, they heaped another lie on top when they infected and mutated the "uniform Rule of Naturalization" clause.
    White hating tyrants oversee their subjects from atop a Mountain of Lies.

  2. 2:42 All that LBJ era filth needs to be swept up and burnt away. Anti-discrimination takes away from the citizenry the ability to select their prospective fellow citizens. Until LBJ's tyrannical cancer is cured, it won't be possible to deal with mumbo jumbo spewing witchdoctors like Yates.

  3. DAMN!!! Boy did she wipe that conceited smirk off of Cruz's face.  If you pause the video with a couple of seconds to go it's priceless to see the faces of the other senators. Cornyn looked at him as if to say, what the fuck did you just do? Several of the others could barely suppress a smile as they looked at him.

  4. of course, progressive/liberal retards will think this progressive activist cunt owns Ted, John…blah…blah… Frankly, she deserves to be fired. If she refuses to enforce the president executive order to protect Americans, she must be fired… Grow up and deal with it…!

  5. ok, who cares. she made some great constitutional points, now Democrats are acting like a bunch of constitutional scholars. You all clapping only care for " a win", not the constitution. GTFOH

  6. BHO &HRC gave Russia 20% if US uranium after WJC got 500k 4 Russian speech snd $$ 2 clinton foundation. podesta Bros had business in Russia. Dems have been pro Russia anti US 4 last 8 yrs, then spy on all Americans illegally. Yates defies our elected pres. Shameful traitors like her giving aid & comfort to our terrorist enemies should be in jail.

  7. She refused to carry out and defend a lawful order of the President, as determined by Dept of Justice's own Office of Legal Counsel and was properly fired for it. Her exchange with Cruz shows that she was simply arrogating her personal opinions and partisan interests over the express statutory authority granted to the president by congress. That portion of the order directed against the citizens of a country where there is no functioning central government capable of providing necessary background information to American officials reviewing a visa application, such as Somalia, Llbya and Yemen was perfectly legal, justified and non-discriminatory. It would apply to any citizens of that country no matter what their religion or ethnicity. This discussion is not about the Constitution. Its about politics.

  8. Yates invokes religious freedom in her attempt to block Trump's EO, even when the Islam flavor of 'religious freedom' includes killing and maiming of peaceful American citizens as religious practice! The president possesses all the power he needs to BAN ANYONE of any nationality and/or religion IF HE HAS REASON TO BELIEVE THEY ARE A THREAT TO OUR CITIZENS OR OUR NATIONAL SECURITY! Period.

  9. It had a religious clause written in it. It was clearly unconstitutional. The 2nd EO had the clause removed, but the intent from the 1st order was still obvious to anyone paying attention.

  10. Cruz is an arrogant, hypocritical punk. He is accusing her of being partisan but he is the one who is acting in a partisan way. Not her. Sally Yates is a hero!

  11. Clapper look like a villain, he's the guy that walks in the room after you get taken off the street by a tactical team and put a gun on the table and tells you to talk or say your last prayer. Like one of the bad CIA guys from Bourne movies

  12. Who the hell is Cruz trying to defend?! Is he trying to discredit them both for TrumP? What an asskisser. Donald owns him. If I was his wife, I would have left him for letting donald slam his family so disrespectfully.

  13. Based on what ates said….

    It is interesting that religiously dominant countries are protected from immigration restrictions because of their cultural uniformity. As far as I am concerned, culturally uniform nations are more prone to bigotry due to that cultural uniformity. Exposure to ethnic diversity is very important in reducing bigotry.