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  1. You should be able to deny service to anyone for any reason. IF I own the business then it should be my right to not serve blacks, Mexicans, gays, or for whatever reason I so choose. I can’t believe the law forces owners to work and serve people, disgusting. Bring back freedom of association NOW!

  2. What happens to muslim women should not happen in a modern enlightened world . It is heartbreaking to us with a heart of flesh and blood. A man is permitted 4 wives while if a woman commits adultery she is brutally murdered. To think that it happens all the time and we do business with these countries.

  3. It's been said what you say actually comes from the heart and listening to Ana is soooooo sad because all I hear from her is extreme hate and ugliness. I dont know if there is any hope for Ana to change. I pray that her and those like her will change one day for the better. Thank you Liz for sharing that story.

  4. This showcases the modern left vs right so well…. the right argues the issue at hand with facts and listens to left…. the left attacks the the character of the right with a deaf ear and screams a mixture of how dare you and I want this

  5. Both women are physically attractive, then the Libtard opens her mouth and becomes ugly, whereas the conservative speaks and becomes even more attractive.

    I guess its true, beauty really is skin deep.

  6. Liz you there best… You notice how the other girl was talking in baby talk lol that's a smokescreen..btw Liz I love that you speak facts and love when people go against you… you make them look bad!!

  7. It's funny how Ana is behind the #believe women, except any woman that voted for Trump…she thinks you're stupid. You only have to see Ana's melt down from election night to understand that she is an angry full of hate mentally ill liberal.