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The ZTE Axon is an absolute monster looking at the specs. From the Qualcomm 820, to the 64GB of built in storage, there are precious few compromises one might make in picking this phone over more expensive options. The most exciting development might just be the headphone audio, which completely broke how we test playback quality. You’ll have to see it to believe it. Here’s our full review of this $400 beast.

Axon 7 Real Camera Review https://youtu.be/Un0FJCYKTcM

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ZTE Axon 7 Review: The phone which broke our music test… | Pocketnow


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  1. I wouldn't mind betting this phone is a loss-leader for ZTE. I've just ordered one because it seems too good to be true.
    I've had a hard time finding anyone on the net who will say a bad word about it and that's unheard of.

  2. I’m really disappointed for buying this device based on this review. The sound output on earpieces is just terrible, unbearable for a long period of use, I can't say much when using headphone. There's some hissing sound and too much echo when playing music even on low volume. This is worse than my iPhone 7 Plus which I was hoping could have sounded better than iPhone 5s running on iOS 9. Not even close to decent quality.

  3. Could anyone please say, how does the regular axon 7 (chinese version) perform if compared to LG V20 in those high quality headphones (I have a sony mdr xb950bt)? Also, how does regular axon 7 compete with the likes of HTC 10, One Plus 3t in headphone department? How much would u give out of 10 to each of those device in terms of audio experience in headphones? I have a htc one mini 2 which does a descent job i guess and i am ordering a regular axon 7 as i am an audiophile. is it worth the money? TIA.